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Israel cricket president Joseph Tal seeks BCCI’s support

Joseph Tal

Jerusalem: India-born Israel cricket boss Joseph Tal seeks BCCI support in nurturing cricketing talent in West Asian country.

The Israeli league has 18 teams participating at two levels. Joseph Tal wants to change that and plans to start a programme which would bring cricket into schools and draw youngsters of diverse origin to the game.

Newly elected Israel cricket president Joseph Tal, who was born in Mumbai, has sought the support of his native country to nurture the existing talent in the Middle Eastern nation.
Joseph Tal’s family immigrated to Israel in the 1960s when Tal was 16.
So Tal think that there are lot of Indian origin youngsters playing for the Israeli national cricket team and also in the Israeli league. Most of them have grown up following Indian cricketing legends and closely watch India play.
Tal said to PTI in an conference that there have been experiments in the past when ICA tried to use cricket as a tool of bringing youngsters from all sorts of background together, in efforts to promote co-existence. Some games were played also in the West Bank.
ICA has been an associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1974 and is a founder member of the European Cricket Council (ECC). Israel’s national team has been participating in ECC tournaments but has not fared too well of late.
As Tal said that Our new team at ICA would work to bring back cricket at schools, organising training programmes for youngsters and also lead some promotional activities, to popularise the game beyond a small section of population that shows interest in the game at the moment.