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England Vs Sri Lanka: England’s Wicketkeeper Problem

Jos buttler

There is a dilemma of selection for Jos Buttler in front of England, which needs to be sorted out before the second Test against Sri Lanka starting on Wednesday.

The first dilemma is that after the fit of Johnny Bairstow, who will play the wicketkeeper, while playing as a substitute, Ben Fox has scored a glorious hundred in the first Test, making the Test debut.

Puma batEngland need regular batsmen at number three and Butler is also a claimant for this place. During the one-day series before the Test series, Bayersta suffered an injury while playing football in the ankle, but he has now recovered from it.

Butler, who is responsible for wicketkeeping in limited overs, is not sure who will be responsible for the wicketkeeping in the match from Wednesday.
Puma bat

He said that it would be a tough decision to exclude Foix, who played 107 innings during the first Test victory. While praising FOX’s role in the 211-run win in Galle last week, Butler said, “There are some options. He (Foix) performed well in Gaul and probably one of the best debut in Test cricket.

He said, “In addition to raising the century till the end of the day, we had done a catch and a stumping. Ben came and he performed brilliantly, but you have to remember how wonderful Johnny is, one of England’s best players.